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G.R.I green recycling Israel

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AboutG.R.I green recycling Israel

GRI is a long-standing Israeli company that trades in medical equipment.

This is a family business in partnership with three brothers:

Eitan - the CEO, electrical engineer and holds a master's degree in business administration.

Yuval - Customer Relations, Brokerage and Purchasing Manager.

Amichai - sales manager and mechanical engineer.

The medical equipment in the operating rooms and laboratories undergoes upgrades and innovations at every moment and many devices go out of use, whether as a result or due to malfunctions / lack of spare parts.

We have many contacts in the world of medicine, buy medical equipment from hospitals and various health centers throughout the State of Israel, arrange it and sell it to our many satisfied customers around the world.

Our medical equipment is diverse and touches all areas of medicine.

We own machines and equipment from all the companies in the market, including modern and complex machines, to parts and cards.

We advocate fair and transparent trade, excellent service and short delivery times. We will be happy to walk you to a healthier future!

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About Seller :Amihay --

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