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Alexis Lam

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Electronics recycling via employment of the Special Needs Community -- everyone wins!Electronics recycling via employment of the Special Needs Community -- everyone wins!
eCommunity is a social enterprise that recycles electronics via employment of the special needs community. Transforming 2 ‘burdens’ at once, eCommunity achieves the dual effects of engaging individuals well-suited to circuitry dis/reassembly, while resolving the challenges of electronic waste. Empowering a previously dependent demographic with (mutual) therapeutic results while helping to protect the air, water and land supply, eCommunity restores dignity and purpose to this previously unemployed demographic, resolves ‘dependent’ care costs, revealing and maximizing social and economic resources and values -- exemplifying true sustainability. The company has won the attention of 1700 companies, organizations and councils across Israel (including the Israel Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Israel Land Administration) and is gaining recognition in 38 countries around the world.

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