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Scandinavian Medical Solutions - Pre-owned GE Brightspeed 16 Select for sale
GE Brightspeed 16 Select

GE Brightspeed 16 Select

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Product specifics

  • Product availability date : 2020-05-30

Brands GE
Model GE Brightspeed 16 Select
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Brand: GE

Product Description

Brand: GE

Model: Brightspeed 16 Select

YOM: 2012

Availability: May 2020

ID Number: SMS00200

Slices: 16 slices

Tube YOM: 2019

Tube Type: Solarix 350

Tube count: 17 mio mAs

Condition: Complete and fully functional.

Further info: System has been under OEM Service contract. Very low activity since installation

Generator: CT JEDI 60 DC LITE

Processor: GRE (Global Recon Engine)

Console: True-In-One

Detector: CT Highpower 16 Slice

SW Version: BSD Elite Select Quin STd Option

SW options: Patient-16-slice, HelicalTilt, SmartPrep, Direct-3D, AutomA, Direct-MPR, 3000ImageSeries, DataExport, CopyComposer, ConnectPro, Lite-Power350, Helical-120-Sec, VolumeViewer, Colon VCAR EC, VesselIQ & Autobone Xpress, Dentascan, UPS FOR CT, ConnectPro, Patient Support CT NP Lite

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