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Preowned GE Lightspeed RT16 In Stock
GE Lightspeed RT16 - 2006

GE Lightspeed RT16 - 2006

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Model GE Lightspeed RT16 - 2006
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Brand: GEModel: Lightspeed RT16 YOM: 2006Availability: In stockID Number: SMS00130Slices: 16 sliceTube: HerculesLast tube replacement: July 1st, 2019Tube count: 15034204.5 mAs (7-2-2020)...

Product Description

Brand: GE

Model: Lightspeed RT16 

YOM: 2006

Availability: In stock

ID Number: SMS00130

Slices: 16 slice

Tube: Hercules

Last tube replacement: July 1st, 2019

Tube count: 15034204.5 mAs (7-2-2020)

Condition: Complete and fully functional

Data acquisition system: GDAS16

Application software: 11BW46.3_SP-9-1.WB_HG16_G_GTM

SW options: VolumeViewer_ ConnectPro, Patient-16-slice, WideView, AutomA, Smart Prep, Helical tilt, 3000 Image Series, Direct_3D, Direct-MPR, Data Export, CopyComposer, SmartSpeed, Hi-Power, Slice0_625, Respiratory Triggering, External AW Workstation Applications: 3D batch/filming, 3D MIP, 3D SynchroView, 4DCT Review, Ass/sub, Anonymous maker, Calculator, Compare, DataExport2Webspace ch, Fast Reading, Filmer

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