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Pre-owned GE Optima CT520 For Sale
GE Optima CT520 - 2012

GE Optima CT520 - 2012

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Product specifics

  • Product availability date : 2020-06-20

Model GE Optima CT520
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Product Description

Brand: GE

Model: Optima CT 520

YOM: 2012

Availability: June 2020

ID Number: SMS00138

Slices: 16 slices

Tube: installed on Nov 13, 2017

Tube count: 23992957.5 mAs (24 April 2020)

Condition: Complete and fully functional

Application Software Release: 11BW46.3

DAS Type: PDAS_16

IIP Software Release:  3.3.7-Linux9

SW: 11BW46.3_SP3-0-1.KL_S_P16_G_HLT

SW options: Lite-Power350, Helical-120-Sec, 0.8 Second Scan, Smart Prep, Helical Tilt, AutomA, Patient-16-slice, 3000 Image Series, Direct-3D, CopyComposer, Direct-MPR, Data Export, EnhancedRecon, ASIR, Connect Pro, VolumeViewer, Real Time CT Fluoro

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