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Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T - For sale!

Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T - 2010

Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T - 2010
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Model Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T
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Product Description

Brand: Siemens

Model: MAGNETOM Skyra   

YOM: 2010

Availability: Q4 2020

ID Number: SMS00266

Field Strength: 3 Tesla

Channels: 64 Channels

Gradients: XQ Gradients

Processor:  MR-VE AWP z420/K2000

Interface: Endo interface 3T


Monitor: COLOR 19" DSC1913-D

Patient Table: 098 mobil 3T

Condition: Complete and fully functional

SW: SYNGO V 43.1

SW release: VE11E

SW options: Bold Imaging Package, TGSE Package, Spectroscopy SV, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, 3D VOLUME OF INTEREST, 3D USAGE LICENCE, WORKLIST, Argus Main, ROW, Flow Quantification, Chemical Shift Imaging, 3D-Pace, Spectroskopy PostP, Bold PostP, iPATplus, Advanced Functional Neuro, MPPS, MR 3D Inline fMRI, MR Composer Spine, Tim Whole Body, Inline Diffusion, Inline Perfusion, MR 3D Offline fMRI, Tim Application Suite, CISS / DESS, 3D distortion correction key, Inline Composing, Diff. Tensor Calculation, Diff. Tensor Imaging, DTI evaluation key, Tim Planing Suite, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, SWI, BLADE, Image Filter, Dynamic 3D, TimCT Fast View, syngo Chorus MR, PhoenixZIP, TimCT Angiography Suite, DTI Tractography, Native, MR Inline VF, Arterial Spin Labeling, Auto Align Head LS, Optimized Protocols for EC, TimCT Oncology Suite, AutoAlign Knee, Tissue 4D, Support-i (Key), Spectroscopy: 3D CSI, 64 Channels, Extended Cardiac, Auto Bolus Detection, Scan Association, Brain WF, Abdomen WF, Knee WF, Cardiac WF, Angio single/multi st. WF, TimCT Angio WF, Basic WF, TimCT Onco WF, MR Neuro Local AIF, XQ Gradients, Inline Time Course Eval., 3D ASL, Motion Correction NR, Spine WF, AutoAlign Spine, AAL Spine L and N, RESOLVE, Morpho QC, View Sharing, Radial, Red. Motion Sens., Cardiac Mapping, q-Space, Turbo Suite Essentials

Coils: Flex Large 4 MR coil 3T, Flex Small 4 MR coil 3T, Body coil_098_3T, Head/Neck 20 MR Coil 3T, Body 18 MR Coil 3T, Body 18 MR Coil 3T, PA 36 MR Coil 3T, Spine 32 MR Coil 3T, Hand/Wrist Coil 3T, 3T Shoulder 16 Large, 3T Shoulder 16 Small, 098 3T Foot Ankle Coil, Flex coil interface 3T, TIM Coil Interface 3.0T, TxRx Knee 15 Coil 3T, Pediatric_16 MR Coil 3T, Quality Assurance Coil

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