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Scandinavian Medical Solutions

Jens Krohn
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Scandinavian Medical Solutions, commonly referred to as SMS, is a Danish-based dealer of used high-quality medical imaging equipment and healthcare solutions.

Scandinavian Medical Solutions is a fully independent provider of innovative healthcare solutions as well as pre-owned medical imaging equipment. We offer a flexible and economical alternative to high-cost OEM equipment. Our company has in rocket-speed accomplished to become one of the absolute leading providers within the industry.

Our CEO, Jens Krohn, has throughout the past decade been a significant player within the industry, where he has proven his worth time and time again. With Scandinavian Medical Solutions we have gathered a strong team of our closest collaborative partners. This unique collaboration allows us to provide you with used medical imaging equipment of the highest quality. 

We offer MRI scanners, CTs, PET-CTs, X-Ray as well as C-Arms and Ultrasound equipment.